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Proven Texas Injury Lawyers

Millions in Money Damages Recovered

A Legal Professional Committed to Your Case

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm has your legal concerns well in hand with years of experience as a personal injury and commercial litigation attorney in Texas. Our law office firmly believes in the principle “right makes might,” which guides us in every case we manage. We guarantee every client cutting-edge representation and a level of attention and compassion people don’t typically experience at other law firms. You get the same care and attention to your case, whether you were involved in a low impact car crash or intend to go up against a powerful corporation that caused catastrophic injuries. Our most important qualities are our experience and reputation of trying cases to a jury. We bring our most formidable legal skills to your case and apply our experience to settle or win it to collect full and fair compensation. All injury victims have a right to access justice, and that is what we offer each of our clients.

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Cutting-Edge Trial Representation With Compassion

Orlando Garcia has represented a wide array of personal injury and commercial litigation cases, including car accidents, workplace injuries, and wrongful deaths. His history as an attorney covers various notable trials where he represented his clients against governmental entities, formidable commercial organizations, and many other legal opponents. The cases involved issues like adverse possession claims, investigations into government contract awards, and commercial lease agreements. Mr. Garcia is a serious trial lawyer in the Lone Star state who fights for justice and fair compensation when clients have a case against a party responsible for death, harm, damage, or other legal faults.

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Comprehensive Personal Injury & Commercial Litigation

Finding a proficient and experienced attorney is essential to settle or win your case and collect fair compensation for pain and suffering, loss of life, and other unfortunate consequences for which another person or organization is liable. The Orlando Garcia Law Firm specializes in comprehensive legal representation in various types of litigations. Our personal injury litigation expertise encompasses legal cases involving commercial trucking accidents, car accidents, workplace injury, wrongful death, and premises liability. We also provide exceptional counsel and representation in commercial litigation cases.

Trust The Orlando Garcia Law Firm in the Rio Grande Valley

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm is ready to represent you with extensive experience and versatile expertise in personal injury and commercial cases. We proudly offer our services to clients throughout the state and work to win you a verdict and compensation you deserve.

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm

222 W University Drive
Edinburg, TX 78539


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