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Trial & Negotiation Expertise in Commercial Litigation

Businesses may decide to resolve disputes in a court of law. This legal area is known as commercial litigation, and many South Texas companies require proficient attorney services to handle their cases. The Orlando Garcia Law Firm has been an exceptional trial lawyer for countless commercial clients dealing with a wide array of legal issues. Some cases we have taken include working with general contractors, business owners, and corporations whether on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant. Business disputes encompass various legal situations, such as negligence, breach of contract, reputation maintenance like defamation, and interference with prospective business relationships or contracts. Our law firm has obtained millions in recovery for our commercial clients.

Our Legal Services for Commercial Clients

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm strives to resolve your commercial litigation matters quickly to save you time and money while restoring your business’s well-being. We have expertise in a wide array of commercial matters, from a simple breach of contract to a complex dispute between business owners and shareholders. Below are a few examples of cases we handle:

Dispute Resolution

When protecting your interests leads to litigation, our experienced attorney is adept at handling legal matters. However, an out-of-court settlement often gets commercial clients the best outcome. We apply our out-of-the-box negotiation, mediation, and arbitration skills to work to resolve disputes and find a resolution both sides can agree to, saving you money and preserving an amicable relationship.

Business Owner Disputes

Whether a business involves LLC members, business partners, or minority shareholders disputing with co-owners, our law firm understands the high stakes and handles disputes to protect your interests. Business owner disputes have several ways of ending. You can keep your business going by settling a dispute quickly, or we can negotiate buyouts to benefit you and protect you from liability. If a buyout is not a feasible option, we will represent your interests during dissolution proceedings.

Contract Disputes

Your business can stop in its tracks because of a contract dispute, and the financial impact can be devastating. Simple disagreements and miscommunication are often the root causes that escalate into business-crushing consequences. As an experienced negotiator in commercial litigation, we work to find a remedy that works for all parties and restores your business relationships. With contract disputes resolved, you can continue running your business without festering tensions affecting your professional well-being.

Serving Business Clients in the Rio Grande Valley

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm has spent years handling cases for professional clients of all types, from small business owners to sizable corporations. We work to protect your interests in commercial litigation matters.

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