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Protecting Yourself After Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks are significantly larger and heavier than the average vehicle on the road, so the damage they cause in an accident can be devastating. People who have been involved in commercial trucking accidents in South Texas can count on The Orlando Garcia Law Firm to represent their cases. You deserve full and fair compensation for injuries or damages related to a truck accident, and our experienced attorney protects and fights for your interests in settlements and court.


Liable Parties in a Semi-Truck Accident

After you or someone you love is injured or dies in a commercial truck accident, you naturally want to seek justice against the responsible party. Liability in these cases typically comes down to negligence on someone’s part or failing to exercise a reasonable amount of care. Negligent parties in your case may include any of the following:

Semi-Truck Driver

We must prove that the driver engaged in negligent behavior that caused the accident to hold them accountable. Some examples of how the driver might be liable include if they were speeding, failing to follow traffic laws, talking on the phone, texting, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Trucking Company

If the trucking company violated a state or federal law or are guilty of negligent hiring, they may be at fault. For instance, they may have required their driver to drive for longer than the permitted time. Another scenario is they hired a driver who has a history of accidents due to distracted driving.

Semi-Truck Maintenance Company

Semi-trucks must stay on top working condition to ensure they operate safely in combination with a properly trained driver. If the truck maintenance company has not maintained the truck properly, it can break down or malfunction because of faulty repairs. In these cases, the owner and maintenance company may both be liable.

Cargo Company

Improperly loaded or overloaded cargo is a common cause of commercial truck accidents. The uneven balance or surplus of cargo can make it difficult for the driver to control the truck, leading to a collision. The cargo company may be at fault and responsible for damages in these situations.

Truck Manufacturer

A defective vehicle may lead to a truck accident, such as the trailer coming loose because of an improperly designed trailer hitch. The company that manufactured the faulty part might be considered negligent and liable for injuries or damages caused by a truck accident.

Negligent Third Party

In some cases, another negligent driver on the road might cause an accident involving a semi-truck. Another example of third-party negligence is a local government agency responsible for roadway cleaning and maintenance.

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm Serves Texas

The Orlando Garcia Law Firm has ample experience handling personal injury cases of various types, including commercial trucking accidents. Let us help you get justice for your damaged vehicle, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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